An EXTRA $574,000! And we started late in the tree cutting season!

New Jersey | Owner

A longtime ago I designed my website for my tree cutting service. It got a few calls early on, then nothing for years and. I went back to advertising in the newspaper and craigslist to make ends meet. Well a few of my friends own businesses as well and they told me on all the money I was missing out on by not having a website. I told them I had one, didn’t work out, not investing. They asked,”did a professional build it and was the seo done?” I said no. That’s the problem. I trust them, so right there I went online, rank 1st seo was listed I called said i own a tree service build me a site with seo and i service these areas.Two weeks later I had a fully functionally site, a week or so after that, call after call of new customers! A ton of residential work and about 3 big commercial jobs. So far I have done over $570,000 in new business this season.

Gary Coolidge,

City Tree Service