Putting together a well crafted backlink strategy is a lot like weaving a fine tapestry. Every thread has to be in place and woven correctly or else the whole thing will unravel.

Too many inbound links from low PR blogs or websites and your site maybe seen as irrelevant. Too many outbound links to low PR blogs or websites and your site could be considered spammy.

We never:

  • Use “link farms” or “blackhat techniques” that can get your site banned or de-indexed.
  • Post links too fast, which can also get your site penalized, we “drip feed” your links slowly over time, which results in a more natural link campaign.

We create:

  • Tiered links to your main site, sometimes 2 or 3 levels deep. Which gives you a buffer protecting you from search engine algorithmic changes (i.e.Google Penguin & Panda). We will also deep link to internal url’s within your domain to give you additional “link juice” from Google and the other major search engines.
  • In addition to building basic url backlinks we also set up backlinks focusing on keyword rich anchor text, which will improve keyword relevance to your site.

In necessary we can also negotiate with webmasters to trade links within your industry or niche if deemed essential to raise your site’s rankings.

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